Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mixed Prints OOTD

Hey loves,

Hope you all are having a wonderful day so far! My day was OK. I'm in the midst of finishing my registration for the Fall semester (yay to the last year of grad school!). I was good to go...until a professor decided to cancel the class they were teaching last minute!! Now I'm going crazy trying to find a replacement class, and the only class is I need is offered at a different school. I'm sure you guys know that when you decided to take a class at a school other than your home school, its a hassle. I've been running around and wasting my gas haha since Monday trying to register for this class! Ugh. Hopefully I will be registered for the class by Friday.

 Ohh do you want to know the highlight of my day?! Taking a math test (insert sarcasm here).  I had to take it in order to register for that replacement class. I haven't taken a math course...let alone math test, since my first year of undergrad...that was 5 years ago! After I finished the test, I had worst headache...actually my head still hurts a little. Math & I are definitely not bff's! The test wasn't that bad though because I managed to pass.

Anywho, I took these outfit photos for the Everybody Everywear (EBEW) Pattern Mixing Challenge...but I missed the deadline. I also wanted to take these photos outside, but it was raining like crazy so I had to settle for indoor flicks. The quality of the photos definitely suffered as a result. I tried my best to brighten them as best as I could.

 The pants in this post were actually oversized straight-leg pants that I turned into highwaisted harem pants. To see the tutorial I here. And I'm sorry there are no before pics. I swore I took some, but I can't find them on my computer or my camera. 
 Pants: Thrifted via Housing Works Buy The Bag Sale, (only $0.26!!)
Boyfriend Blazer: Lord &Taylor- Thrifted via Savers ($6.99)
Shirt: (actually a dress- $9.80) & Earrings- F21
Shoes: Qupid-Drama 27 via ($13.95)

Hope you enjoyed this post!
-Cherrie <3



  1. i luv the mixing of prints dear and what a fab blazer and those heels r fab!!!!!!!!

  2. This is a fabulous look! You did an amazing job mixing patterns! Those striped pants are AMAZING!! I need some like that NOW! Kiah

  3. I LOVE THIS WHOLE LOOK. I can't believe those pants are thrifted...

    I looked back on some of your previous posts and yes you are gifted at making inexpensive look expensive... lol..

  4. Oh girl your look is FABULOUS! I just LOVE it. You should totally participate in my Who Wore It Best challenge, it would be a treat for my readers to see your awesome style.

    Stacey Kay
    “Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration”
    Giveaway: Win a new wardrobe by Goodwill Huntingg!
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    Blogger spotlight: Sarah’s Laundry
    My Vintage Handbag Line

  5. Oh I love did very well with mixing prints...I am so afraid to mix prints because I don't want to come off looking tacky and clownish but you did it VERY WELL!!!


  6. lovee this outfit!! i would so wear this..awesome clash of prints it looks great

  7. Loving how cheap those pants were and how you made them harem. You found a new follower and thanks for the lovely comments on my page.

  8. u look amazing!! love those pants!! and thats such a great deal!!

  9. Thanks for all the lovely comments ladies!!! xoxo

    @Stacey Kay...IDK if i'm ready for such a challenge lol!

  10. like those pants! xo

  11. I wish you was near me, you would so me my tailor. that is if you agreed lol.

    Great job, I love the mix of printS!

  12. Congrats to your last year of grad school...that’s an awesome accomplishment! You’re head of the class in the mixed print look. The tribal top and striped pants are the perfect combination but the pop of color with the shoes set the whole look…fabulous! Work it gurl….

  13. OMG! How clever! I'm going to tweet this post!


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