Sunday, November 27, 2011

I Want To Walk Wise

Happy Sunday! Hope you all are doing lovely and feeling great! Today's message in church was about wisdom. And I really want to share something with you guys that stuck with me.

"When you walk in wisdom, it will push you towards your destiny."

So many of us, including myself, wonder what's our purpose in life...what is our contribution to society and to the lives of others? I believe that everybody is on this earth for a specific reason and that God has a plan for all of our lives. When you ask God for wisdom, he will guide you towards your destiny. I want to walk wise...I want to fulfill my God-given purpose/destiny on this earth.

Heres the outfit I wore to church today. I sat next to the sweetest lady. She grabbed my hand and told me that she loved my outfit and that she would always make sure her 7 year old granddaughter is dressed as sharp as me lol. She is too sweet! I love compliments  :).

More pics and outfit details after the jump!!

Necklace- via Clothing Swap
Earrings: NYC Jewelry District
Sheer Charcoal Black Stockings- Walgreens
Booties- Bakers (Susie- $39.99-sale). Buy here.
Pussy Bow Dress-Love 21/F21 ($9.00-clearance)
Boyfriend Blazer- Thrifted New With Tags via Unique ($10.00)

Hope you enjoyed this post!
-Cherrie <3


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  1. I love the outfit too. And I might do something similar for church next Sunday. Thanks for the post cherrie

  2. Awesome church look!! I LOVE pussy boy anything so you had me at hello with the dress!

  3. Such a pretty color! I have that same dress but it look SOOOOO much better on you! You rocked it and thanks for sharing that message!

  4. Thank you for sharing this message! Your outfit is great! Love the color on you and don't get me started on the boots!

  5. You look so cute. I love that dress and your booties.. I haven't been around in a while.. sorry! But I see you've still been keeping it fly! :)

  6. I love color of this dress. I like this dress even more since it was so cheap. When you are done with it ship it over my way. Also I would love it if you would post your church sermons every sunday because they are inspirational.

  7. Cute dress!

    xo Ashleigh

  8. ha! the lady was do look sharp. i like how the outfit is simple and yet sophisticated.

  9. Love the jacket over the dress.

  10. The color of this dress looks MARVELOUS on your skin. Great choice. LOVE.

  11. I love it, to cute :)

  12. Ohhh I love the message!!! Your dress is so super cute. Chic style!

  13. Love the peach dress.


  14. I LOVE it! That color looks absolutely great on you!!!

    7eventh Letter


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