Monday, November 26, 2012

My Thanksgiving

Hey luvs,

Hope you all are doing lovely and feeling great!

I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday! Mine was great. Most of my extended family and I headed to my uncle's house in Long Island to celebrate. It was a night full of love, laughter, fun, and great food! I was a little bit sad the morning of Thanksgiving because it was the first Thanksgiving that I was away from my immediate family; it was also my little brothers 17th birthday which made me feel even more guilty for not going to my parents house to celebrate with them. But luckily they will be in town in two weeks! 

Below is the outfit I wore on Thanksgiving. I opted to wear this loose fitting and comfortable dress because I knew that I would be eating good all night. I did cinch the waist of the dress with a slim black belt, but I took the belt off when I started eating and never put it back on lol...I didn't need it constricting my stomach haha.  



Earrings: F21
Tights: Conway
Dress: H&M ($15.00)
Oxblood ( I prefer the term Burgundy lol) OTK Boots: Shoedazzle Annalisa 
Thanksgiving breakfast: fry bake, bacon, sausage, avocado, fried plantains, cinnamon bread, salt fish, and boiled eggs. My aunt made the salt fish and boiled eggs and I made everything else. If you're my buddy on instagram (MsCherrieAmore) this pic might look familiar to you.

Homemade sweet potato pie with Grenadian nutmeg and cinnamon made by yours truly. Yum! I posted this pic on my Facebook page the night before Thanksgiving. 

I had extra sweet potato pie filling, so I decided to make a vanilla sweet potato cake with cinnamon sugar sprinkled on top. It was a hit! This is a picture of the cake before it went into the oven. I forgot to take one after I took it out the oven.

Sorry I had no pics of my Thanksgiving dinner. I was too excited about all the food and eating lol. 

So how was your thanksgiving?

Hope you enjoyed this post!
-Cherrie <3

P.S. Thank you to everyone who entered the Pulling Strings giveaway! The winner is Stephanie Peete! I will be emailing you soon with more information! Also thanks to everyone who left feedback on the "Let Me Pick Your Brain" post"! I am considering everything you guys said.  :)


  1. Lets talk about these boots. AMAZING!!!! The color and style is perfection! You look great and I love how you paired them with the orange dress. I may have to feature this look on my FBK page ;-)

    Glad you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving. The food looks really good!


  2. This is my first time visiting your blog. We were both tagged in a tweet this morning by theJourn3y so I thought I'd check you out. Hopefully you'll stop by my site as well.

    Orange looks GOOD on you and those boots are hot!
    I'm glad you enjoyed your Thanksgiving. That's what it's all about. I had a great time, despite not being around any family. Those that I spent the holiday with made me feel just as welcome and overall thankful. Oh, and the food was BOMB! lol

    Miss Daja
    No Boiz Allowed

  3. Cute dress and pretty color on you.


  4. Love your outfit and the food looks so yum! Especially the saltfish and boiled eggs lol..You're fam is Grenadian?! I'm from Grenada too so its always nice to meet my fellow island folks :)

  5. Yeah...I need those boots please! lol

    Cute outfit. I'm lovin' the dress and those boots are everything!

  6. Cherrie this is such a cute offit. Glad you enjoyed your holiday and I hope that you enjoy your fam when the come to visit.

  7. Gurrrrl, gimme those boots!!!!! lol


  8. I love the fall hues you chose to wear; that dress is so cute!


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